A Modern Take on Coastal Style

I’m always a sucker for breezy, coastal style but there’s just one problem — I’m not on the coast! I’ve always dreamed of filling my home with soothing blues and oyster whites, seagrass rugs, and hurricanes galore but the traditional coastal look just doesn’t jive with my San Francisco location. So, I’ve been dreaming of revamping my home in a more modern (yet traditional), coastal vibe. Keep reading to catch a glimpse of my inspiration.

Color Palette

There’s something about the calming quality of blues and creams that I’ve never been able to shake — when I walk into my home, I want to feel instantly relaxed and shades of blue do just the trick. Varying shades of blush and cream round out the blues nicely and add a little pop to keep things interesting. I’m seriously toying with the idea of painting my walls a super pale blush.

The Look

This room perfectly marries the traditional with the coastal look. You have the easy breezy vibes of the seaside while the classic silhouettes anchor everything with a touch of refinement. The slip-covered sofas keep it casual, while the accent chairs add a touch of polish — it’s the balance of the two that’s key. I actually own these leather stools from Serena & Lily and am obsessed — they just look so effortlessly cool. The only change I’d make to this room is swapping out the rug for this classic jute rug from Pottery Barn.

The Finish The Look Pieces

I find that the finishing touches really bring a room together and a hint of the unexpected can amp up that wow factor. Right now I’m crushing on Americana vibes with a touch of gingham. Whatever you’re feeling, add a few small — or large — pieces that draw back to something you love for a space that is completely your own. Take a peek at some of the ways I’d incorporate a touch of Americana into my modern coastal room.

Now you have it! A few tips on re-creating a modern-coastal look at home!

Until next time.

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Nursery Refresh: A Dose of Whimsy

Caitlin Wilson Design

I’ve been working on a nursery revamp for my most recent Homepolish client, and I have to tell you — it’s been fun! We’ve decided to go with a pretty in pink meets garden party theme, which means tons of blush, cream, and mint. For this project I took inspiration from Caitlin Wilson’s feminine fabrics — they were truly my jumping point — and wanted to keep things light and playful for this little three-year old. If you’re looking for cute little girl (meets big girl) bedroom ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading for three variations and let me know which is your favorite!

Simply Blushing

cute little girl bedroom ideas

If you can’t tell, I’m totally crushing on Caitlin Wilson Design (nearly all of the above pillows are from her collection). Her fabrics are the perfect combination of whimsy and sophistication and, lucky me, she’s opening up a studio in SF! The above look is perfectly girlie with the varying shades of pink and playful patterns. I know the Elodie Rug from Lulu & Georgia has been everywhere, but I can’t help but come back to it time and time again.

Daybed: Jenny Lind, Land of Nod // Rug: Elodie Rug, Lulu & Georgia // Dresser: Harmony Dresser, Land of Nod // Bedding: Scalloped Duvet, Serena & Lily // Pouf: Mint Pouf, Land of Nod // Bookcase: Cabot Bookshelf, Serena & Lily

Pillows (all Caitlin Wilson except the monogrammed option): Blush Buffalo Check Pillow // Pink Floral Pillow, Monogrammed Pillow

Bubblegums & Blues

cute little girl bedroom ideas

Did you guys know that Minted now has home decor — everything from pillows, to curtains, to table linens, to lampshades — all created by their talented community of artists. It’s the perfect place to go for prints and pieces that are outside the standard. I took the bulk of my inspiration from their funky fabric and then anchored everything with simple (yet fun) bedding and neutral furniture.

Daybed: Jenny Lind, Land of Nod // Rug:  Tamira Reversible Rug, Lulu & Georgia // Dresser: Harmony Dresser, Land of Nod // Bedding: Tassel Duvet, PB Teen (multi-colored option here// Embroidered Scallop Sheets, PB Teen // Pouf: Mint Pouf, Land of Nod // Bookcase: Cabot Bookshelf, Serena & Lily

Pillows: Heart Pillow, Minted // Hila Pillow, John Robshaw // Folding Fans Pillow, Anthropologie

Bold and Beautiful

cute little girl bedroom ideas

This is by far the most playful design — the bold graffiti-like floral pillows paired with the simple blue stripes, and accented with the magenta zebras is just too cute. The client this was made for is particularly fond of animals and the zoo, so the zebras fit in perfectly.

Daybed: Jenny Lind, Land of Nod // Rug: Pink Mirabelle Rug, Lulu & Georgia // Dresser: Harmony Dresser, Land of Nod // Bedding:  Pink Pom Pom Duvet, Pottery Barn Kids // Pouf: Mint Pouf, Land of Nod // Bookcase: Cabot Bookshelf, Serena & Lily

Pillows: Graffiti Flora Pillow, Minted // French Stripe Pillow, Caitlin Wilson // Lil Zebras Pillow, Minted

Let me know which was your favorite design or if you have any design questions!

Until next time.



Get the Look: The Cuyana Office

I recently attended an event at Cuyana in SF and while I love their products, I’m obsessed with their offices. Devotees know and love Cuyana for its simplicity, craftmanship, and style and their offices follow in that same vein. Conceptualized by SF interior designer, Lauren Nelson, their offices evoke a sense of minimalistic boldness that you can’t help but covet. Keep reading for tips on how to get the look at home on any budget.

The Lounge

Cuyana Office

The moment I walked into their lounge, I was hooked. It effortlessly mixes mid-century modern staples with more exotic, old-world pieces like the vintage maroon runner and neutral cowhide. The result is an eye-catching menagerie of old and old that somehow looks so current. Shop the full look below and see my picks for getting the look for less.

The Look:

The Look for Less:

The Cozy Corner

Cuyana Office

Does this not make you want to curl up with a cappuccino and the latest issue of US Weekly? If it doesn’t, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Right now, one of my favorite moves is draping a sheepskin over a chair — any chair — for a relaxed, but put together look. I love how this nook features a simple gallery wall — rule of three people — and a touch of green to keep everything lively. See below for tips on how to recreate the look at home, regardless of your budget!

The Look:

The Look for Less:


Cuyana’s mantra is “fewer better things” and while it certainly plays true to material possessions, I like to think it’s something you can implement into every aspect of your life. Remember, #MakeItEssential.

Cuyana Office

Until next time,

Xx Molly


Decor Refresh — Coffee Table Heaven

It’s official, I’m a grown up. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect coffee table to feature in my living room and it finally arrived this morning. You know you’re an adult when coffee tables give you a buzz. The living room definitely still needs more work, but it’s looking more refined now that I can swap my ottoman for a real life coffee table.

The room is a mix of casual-cool and Parisian-elegance, which may not sound like they go together, but the two styles actually totally complement each other. The casual style of my couch, leather Serena & Lily stools, and rustic Crate & Barrel coffee table (The Dixon Table to be exact) calm down the potential fussiness of my pair of Restoration Hardware Lyon chairs and faux Hermes table.

Next on my list is a pair of side tables. To ensure that the room doesn’t feel too lopsided, I’m looking for a chic and sophisticated pair that can handle my tank lamps (thank you mom and dad for not wanting these beauties!). Take a look at a few of the options below.

Kennedy End Table, Wayfair

North Slope Side Table, Dot & Bo

Nolan Two-Tiered Side Table, Interlude

Marissa Mirrored Side Table, OKL

Until next time.

Xx Molly

Decor Refresh — The Hermes Scarf

Nothing looks quite as chic as a framed Hermes scarf. It’s stylish without being ostentatious, bold without being obnoxious — essentially a necessity — and while it’s definitely an investment piece, it’s something you’ll have for a lifetime.

Growing up, big purchases were always reserved for special occasions (think birthdays, family trips, etc) so that every time you looked at the big purchase, it bubbled up fond memories. To this day, I can go through all of my jewelry and investment pieces and tell you exactly when I received it, who it was from, and give you the rundown on why it’s so special. It’s this little tradition that takes the focus off the material possession and refocuses it on the nostalgic/emotional connection.

A few years back my family took a trip to France — hitting Normandy (for the 60th anniversary of D-Day), Mont-Saint-Michele, and Paris. While in Paris we stopped at the Hermes store and I picked up this divine scarf to frame above my fireplace. Now every time I look at it, I’m reminded of the lovely times had on that vacation.

Check out the inspiration below and get your framed scarf game locked down.

The Eclectic Bedroom


Blue // Yellow // Red

The Inspired Office


Pink // Blue // Orange

The Divine Vanity


Blue // Pink // Red

The Classic Bar Cart


Blue // Pink // Green

Until next time.

Xx Molly

In Pursuit of — The Perfect Coffee Table

My roommate recently moved to New York — from San Francisco — as did the coffee table we’ve been using since we graduated. So naturally I’ve been in hot pursuit of a statement piece for my living room over the past few weeks!

I’d describe my decor style as contemporary chic with a touch of Americana — the combination of hyper-girlie pieces with more rustic elements creates a chic and comforting living space. While I have a soft spot for the classic design elements of a Parisian apartment, I’m always in search of a way to make it more relaxed. Point in case: I have the most divine Hermes scarf framed above my fireplace paired with rustic leather camping stools from Serena & Lily below.

I’ve put together a few of my favorite pieces thus far in my search — check them out below and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Contemporary Chic

contemporary chic coffee table

Marla Coffee Table, John-Richard Collection // Gold Coffee Table, Somrig // Heath Coffee Table, Bernhardt


Americana Tables

Jameson Leather Coffee Table // Titan Coffee Table, JCP // Cast Base Coffee Table // Genki Cocktail Table, Southern Enterprises

Until next time.

xx Molly

How To — Amp Up Your Next Summer Bash With These 4 Tips

When you think about Summer party decor, there are a few heavy hitters that come to mind — Chevrons, and pennants, and pom poms, oh my! — but that doesn’t mean that you have to take the trends so literally. Now don’t get me wrong, I love these festive additions as much as the next girl, but sometimes your party needs a breath of originality. So instead of jumping off this kitschy train completely, I think it’s time to take your favorite party decor to the next level.

Summer Party

  1. Neon and Succulents: These are by far two of my favorite things to pair — I swoon just thinking about the contrast between the girliness of the neon and the subdued nature of the succulents. With that in mind, why not use these little guys as an alternative to classic floral centerpieces.
  2. Creative Confetti: Confetti is a fun addition to any party, but you have to admit it’s a bit of a hassle to clean up. Well, consider clean up taken care of with these plantable confetti hearts — we would even encourage your guests to take a handful home to plant as a reminder of all the good times had!
  3. Refined Banners: Banners are a simple way to set the mood, so I wouldn’t drop this trend all together. Instead, why not swap out the uber-trendy chevron and pennant variety for a more laid-back and refined version — I’m loving the simplicity of the white card stock paired with gold lettering here.
  4. Simple Stamps: I’m a total sucker — err stickler — for good handwriting, which is why stamps are always the way to go for DIY signage, invites, etc. I’d suggest buying a set of individual letters (a-z) to use  for place cards, invites, and even party signage — they make the vibe all at once personal and perfect.

Elements of the Perfect Bar

Front Bar

Living in San Francisco – or New York for that matter – is all about maximizing the space you have. So, it should come as no surprise that my desire for top-notch, fully stocked bar is slightly out of reach. Luckily, I have just the solution! Follow me as I show you the ins and outs of creating the perfect bar cart.

The Cart

Sophisticated Cart

First things first, you need to find the perfect foundation to set the tone. I’ve chosen a simple gold frame as sort of blank canvas to really build upon. I love the idea of pairing this sophisticated cart with pastel rimmed glasses or antique ginger jars for a new and eclectic feel.

The Glasses

Cocktail Glasses

I am a firm believer in mixing and matching — life is more fun when you don’t live by the rules! The perfect bar has a mix of trendy chevron glasses, classic coupe glasses (a la Sabrina), and sentimental monogrammed glasses. After all, your collection should be a reflection of your personality.

The Tools

bar copy

Now on to the accoutrements. Anyone who has ever thrown a big bash knows that there are a few items aside from glasses that are absolutely necessary — a framed specialty cocktail (I’m pretty much obsessed with this bamboo frame), a proper ice bucket (I chose an antique ginger jar), a selection of festive pom pom swizzle sticks, and of course an excellent cocktail book. Is it 5:00 yet?

5 Decor Necessities to Suit Any Style

5 Decor Necessities

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll agree that Spring is the perfect time to add a little splash to your style. That’s why I’m bringing you four ways to breathe life into your home. From punchy colors to antiques to perfectly placed knick-knacks these ideas are sure to give you the inspiration you need to create a little domestic bliss.

The Trend Setter


While animal prints may not be the trendy new kid on the block, pastel prints sure are. Wow your girlfriends the next time they come over for brunch with this updated take on a cool-girl favorite.

The Book Worm


Transform an unused closet or corner into a cozy reading nook. Nothing sounds more delightful than being surrounded by pillows in this little cove while getting lost in your favorite book.

The Frequent Flyer


Have you been wondering what to do with the maps from your last couple trips? Well, I have just the thing for you. Transform your navigational clutter into a work of art by cutting out hearts from maps of your favorite places. Not really a traveler? This project isn’t exclusive, use maps from paces you hope to go instead!

The Scatter Brain


If you’re anything like me, then your mind is constantly racing at about a thousand miles an hour. Creating an inspiration wall or idea board allows you to gather your thoughts in one easily accessible location — hello, it’s staring right at you — and it looks pretty cute too. Who knew decorating your apartment could be so simple!

The Zen Goddess


If you’re more of a yoga and meditation kind of girl, look no further. Add a little zen to your home with these Buddha bookends! You can go the traditional route by placing your favorite yoga books within these big bellied beauties or get a little alternative by placing your favorite poetry anthology inside. Whichever way you choose, these are sure to make a statement.

The Romantic


All right, I get it, you’re a girlie girl and there’s nothing wrong with that; but it’s always nice to add an element of intrigue, ça va? That’s why I’m totally crushing on the mingling of rustic wood and girlie florals in this photo. The light wood tones down the flirty factor and ups the intrigue for a centerpiece that is sure to dazzle your guests.

How To — Make Your Very Own Dazzling Centerpiece

A picture perfect centerpiece is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.
A picture perfect centerpiece is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Step 1: Map It OutI chose to use Martha Steward glitter in three shades of green. I love the idea of an ombre effect for the centerpiece. The first thing you will need to do is place the painters tape around the milk bottle to create a barrier. I like the idea of playing with heights for a more interesting display.
Step 1: Map It Out
I chose to use Martha Steward glitter in three shades of green. I love the idea of an ombre effect for the centerpiece. The first thing you will need to do is place the painters tape around the milk bottle to create a barrier. I like the idea of playing with heights for a more interesting display.
Step 2: Dip ItAfter you have decided on the height, it's time to cover the bottom half with a layer of glue. I used regular Elmer's glue, but any type will do. Once you have a generous layer it's time for the glitter!
Step 2: Dip It
After you have decided on the height, it’s time to cover the bottom half with a layer of glue. I used regular Elmer’s glue, but any type will do. Once you have a generous layer it’s time for the glitter!
Step 3: Repeat!Repeat steps 1 and 2 as many times as necessary to create your centerpiece. Now it's time for the hardest part — the waiting game.
Step 3: Repeat!
Repeat steps 1 and 2 as many times as necessary to create your centerpiece. Now it’s time for the hardest part — the waiting game.

Et Voila!
Et Voila!